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Mini implants used to stabilize a temporary denture

In this case, mini dental implants (Dentatus Atlas system) are placed along with the permanent dental implants (Nobelbiocare Tapered Groovy system). The mini dental implants are used for the purpose of stabilizing the temporary denture. By using this technique the temporary denture can be modified by removing the palatal aspect as well as decreasing the […]

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Guided implant surgery single tooth

Guided implant surgical case – minimal bony dimensions for dental implant placement. This case is in progress, but it involves implant placement in minimal bony dimensions. This case would be extremely difficult to do without guided surgery. It would be very easy to perforate the alveolar housing. Using guided surgery though the implant can be […]

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Semilunar graft

This type of graft is used to try to cover an exposed root surface. A moon shaped incision is made in the gingiva. The two corners are left attached. The attached corners allow blood to flow through the graft. The center section of the graft is moved toward the crown of the tooth to cover […]

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Gingival prosthetic

This patient presented with maxillary alveolar ridge atrophy. The large air space below the bridge was creating a phonetic problem as it was allowing air to pass through, creating a lisp. The patient was also concerned about the gingivalĀ aestheticsĀ of the area. While ridge augmentation using soft and or hard tissue is also a treatment consideration, […]

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Jack Wasserstein, DDS